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LT Squared

My Scent Fix

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Each delivery contains 3 products that you choose. Flat rate shipping is only $3.00


Your favorite fragrances, in your favorite products all tailored to your personal profile. Simply fill out the sections above to get your custom Scent Fix shipped directly to you.


Gotta Get My Scent Fix! Satisfy your scent craving TODAY ... We've got your fix!

4 Easy Steps:

1. Already have your personal scent favorites? List them all so they'll be safe in your profile. Your selected fragrances will be chosen randomly unless otherwise specified.

2. Next, select the scent categories that interest you. Let us know your top preferred fragrance categories so we'll only send you what you like. For example, if you like floral scents we'll only send you fragrances that smell like flowers.

3. Tell us what products you want in your Scent Fix. You get 3 items per delivery. The small base rate of $3.00 is the flat rate for shipping.

4. Fill out your info, submit your subscription and we'll begin creating your Scent Fix to satisfy your scent craving! Cancel anytime


IMPORTANT: You CANNOT select the Paypal payment option for My Scent Fix. If you choose this option, your subscription will be invalid.

By ordering "My Scent Fix", you authorize LT Squared to run your credit card monthly for the products requested.