Testimonial Submission:

  • April Speights

    "The sisters are awesome they made the experience of me giving my first grandchild baby shower a breeze!"

  • Tamika Williams

    "Laeh is one of the most professional individuals we’ve had the pleasure of working with. She met all of our needs and special requests for for our wedding invitations. Everything turned out absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t be happier!
    We also LOVE the selection of the natural home and body products! Definitely one of our favorite small businesses!"

    Tamika & Sheneir Johnson

  • Eboni Pringle

    "The house scents, candles, and scented shea are all a must try! The scents are distinctive and rich and last forever. "

  • N'Excellence

    "LT Squared is a business that is based on integrity and quality. I have had numerous amounts of graphic jobs done and the final product has always been above and beyond what I could have ever imagined. If you want the job done right, in excellence, with superb quality and done in love, visit to LT Squared. They are dedicated to their work, creative and very unique. Their customer service is A-1."

  • Latia Phillips-Bey

    "L.T. Squared is a very professional place to do business. One where you feel comfortable when walking through the door. I must also say that the party invitations that were done for me were so beautiful that people are still complimenting me on them. I do and will continue to utilize the services of LT Squared."

  • Michael John Ryan | Cleveland Municipal Court Judge

    "L.T. Squared is one of the finest companies in Northeast Ohio if you're in need of any graphic design work. The twins are professional, extremely diligent and meticulous about their work. The quality of the final product will always exceed your expectations. I received hundreds of compliments regarding their work such that I refuse to even consider looking for other companies. The price is very, very reasonable; especially in comparison to the quality of the product. I would not be surprised if they are one day listed in Forbes Magazine because their work will generate interest and clients throughout the world. I will continue to support the company L.T. Squared, as well as recommend their services to others."

  • Jessica Alvis

    "LT Squared Inc offers the very best service. When I went to their office I felt very welcomed, I felt as though I was in a friendly environment. Their work and products are excellent. They excel in being the best. Their products (candles, cards, invitations, etc) are all done with the customer in mind. They have wonderful customer service."

  • Renee Sneed

    They put a lot of care into filling your request for products, and go the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied. Attitude is everything."

  • Sylvia Robinson

    "Their creativity is the best I have ever seen"


    "I think the invitations are original and of very good quality"

  • B REID

    "Very professional, always puts out a good product"

  • Paula Calhoun

    "L.T. Squared designed business cards for my business that really help us win our clients. Our clients are so impressed with the graphics and design of our cards that they know to expect excellence."

  • Ms. Ball

    "The quality of the invitations and products are amazing. Her designs and vision is impeccable and coupled with the highest level professionalism. I would recommend LT Squared for all of your invitation needs."

  • Karlie

    "LT Squared is the best business in the city...innovative, custom designers with excellent customer service. They will take what you have in mind and make it better than you even imagined."

  • Marylnn Hall

    "How can you compare excellence against itself? Whatever you have in mind, they will create. Your best vision cannot compare. They are the hottest 21st century 'GET IT HERE' place!"

  • LaShawnda Berry-Knox

    "I thought L.T. Squared invitations were elegant. The style of the invitations are suitable for men or women."

  • Gloria J McCorvey

    "Like a magnet, their work and service is divinely connected to excellence and beauty on an individual basis."

  • Renee Shelton

    "They offer the best service you can get. They go beyond your expectations to make sure you get what you desire."

  • V Boyd

    "I love the designs and customer service"

  • tksandlin

    "They are very nice and will work to make your invitations very special for you"

  • D-liv

    "L.T. Squared is the best!!!"

  • Janina Jones

    "The people at LT Squared are very professional, creative, easy to work with, and people friendly. The level of quality and creativity that is displayed in their work, are often cherished as keepsakes."

  • E. Larona

    "I got married in May, in an attempt to cut costs I created my own invitations. With all of the wedding plans mounting I could not attack another project. I contacted LT2 and they created some very original wedding programs within one week of my wedding. I was truly blessed by their professionalism, creativity, and prompt service. Thanks ladies for coming through for me in a pinch."

  • James Reed

    "Their style is very creative and different, not like the average print shop (boring); extremely detailed and passionate about their work. I can honestly say that they are the best of the best and no company out there comes close."

  • P. Johnson

    "They make beautiful custom designs just for you and your special occasions!"

  • Jeanette Robinson

    "Beautiful work and excellent customer service. They are very professional, easy to work with, and their work is exceptional."

  • Sound Doctrine Gospel Music Store

    "When we present our business card the first thing people say is "Wow this is a nice card, who did them?." L.T. Squared is more than able to communicate the style and image of their clients. Not only does L.T. Squared provide excellent products, but they also provide excellent and timely service which is just as important. "

  • Tiffany Brown

    "These ladies are simply gifted and sharing their creativity with the world!"

  • Pat Williams

    "I believe L.T. Squared is the best because they don't just make your invitation, they create your invitation."

  • Michele

    "Very professional and everything is geared to making the customer happy."

  • It Is Written, Inc.

    "L.T. Squared did my business cards...they were perfectly designed. When people look at my cards, I hear the most wonderful compliments all the way from the beautiful graphics to the grade of the card stock. Thank you for making me look so good!"

  • Ayo Munford

    "Their products and service are done in excellence. L.T. Squared delivers the best invitations and stationary products in Cleveland."

  • Toni

    "I love their products."

  • Angel

    "They are two of the most creative people I know. The ideas they come up with are like nothing you've ever seen before. It has proven to be a blessing to know them both, professionally and personally. I know that
    God is going to continue to bless all that you put your hands to."

  • Katricia Wright

    "I think that Cher's song Simply The Best is talking about L.T. Squared. They are very good at what they do because they make you feel as if they are creating an invitation specially designed for you. Their creativity is absolutely awesome!!"

  • Nicole Harris

    "I Love L.T. Squared!! They carry a variety of home fragrances and candles that I love and so have many of my clients. I used L.T. to create some wedding invitations for my best friend's wedding and they were absolutely beautiful. They do excellent work and have good integrity!!!"

  • Tania C. Grant

    "L.T. Squared Inc. is very professional in the way they handle all my orders. They are always on time in how they take care of my every need and concerns. They are the greatest and friendly design company I have worked with. For that peace of mind I vote for this Company. Thanks."

  • Daneena

    "The candles are the best! The fragrances lasts more than any other!"

  • Chris

    "Just excellent!"

  • Nekisha

    "Unique, gifted and out of the box creative."

  • Penny's From Heaven

    "Stupendous, wonderful, astonishing and extraordinary! Simply the best around town!"

  • Heidi Redd

    "They are great women with a great product that works. It is reasonably priced and they are beautiful women to work with!"

  • JeJuana Brown

    "Creative. Innovative. Hands down, LT2 is a leader in the field of wedding invitations. Their invitations set the stage for a successful event."

  • Shai

    "I have worked with these ladies professionally and know them personally. You feel the spirit in the work they provide for you. Their designs give you an opportunity to run wild with your imagination. Their willingness and humble souls makes a business venture with them free of stress. I applaud LT Squared for always doing a great job and striving for more."

  • Lacole Greene Gay

    "They made the best wedding invitations and shower invites I have ever seen. I looked through books and books of mags, and I wanted something that was elegant and personal. They were able to do that for me. They fit my theme and didn't cost me a lot. Managing this from my home in ATL was great. They sent me everything via the mail and e-mail. THANK YOU!"

  • K.J Robinson

    "You get personalized service that makes your designing easy. I can come with a general idea and they can turn it into something GREAT! "

  • Trina Jones

    "LT2 is a cut above the rest. They provide innovative and custom designs to meet your needs and wants. But above all, they have excellent service!"

  • Petrina Patterson

    "I love candles and have searched everywhere for the best. LT Squared have the best. You can smell the aroma from the candles even when they are not lit. I obtained a special order of "tea light" candles for a luncheon in the hydrangea scent and placed them on 94 tables and lit them before the luncheon started in the grand ball room. When we opened the doors for the patrons to come in, everyone made a comment about the aroma!"

  • LaMonica

    "They are the best because they strive for excellence in everything that they do. They make wonderful candles, oils, incense, invitations and a number of other
    products. They make quality products in a timely fashion. They truly are one of Cleveland's finest businesses!"

  • Vanessa Lee

    "They are so creative!!! They take a personalized approach when creating invitations and take a personal interest in each customer. Their creativity and
    personal touch makes the difference."

  • grandmababy50

    "I met these women at an event in the Bedford Commons. They are awesome and their products are really great."

  • Mia Stewart

    "I love their products!!"

  • Alisa Martin-Graves

    "Their products are just as good as they say they are!"

  • Yvette

    "The candles make a true statement of color & peace! Great L.T. Squared!"

  • T. Moats

    "LT Squared has always completed our jobs in excellence. Always friendly and ready to assist."

  • Vivian L. Sharp

    "Great customer service. Interesting packaging, and competent entrepreneurs with creative merchandise."

  • Celeste Noah

    "Very professional "

  • India J

    "LT 2 is great, they offer unique invitations custom designed for every occasion. They have excellent customer service and amazing turn around times. I would recommend them to anybody. They also have great candles too!"

  • Shirley

    "The scent of her candles permeates through the entire home, and there are over 1,000 fragrances from which to choose. Also, her card and invitation designs are personalized and unique."

  • Michelle Harris

    "I just got married on Sept 15th and the invitations L. T. Squared did set the tone for my elegant, outdoor wedding. My guests said they were breathtaking!!! That just made them eager to attend. I give 2 thumbs up and thank you for your dedication to me and my husband's needs. And to mention your positive spirits, attitudes, and professionalism is outstanding!!!!"

  • Anonymous

    "I think L.T. Squared, Inc. is a growing professional business with ambition to satisfy every customer with the object of providing great service and quality their product."

  • Angela

    "I think they are the best at what they do. I use them for all of my creative needs. From invitations to my wedding, even to making birthday cards for my friends and family. They are very efficient and personable. There has not been a time when they have not exceeded my needs and expectations. I have even used them for work events and my peers throughout my region were impressed as well. I gave them the idea and they ran with it, and came back with several options to choose from."

  • Debra Ingram

    "Their work is awesome! They did my invitations for my 50th birthday celebration in January, which had a royal princess theme, everyone loved my invitations so much they kept them as keep sake. They are very professional, sweet, gifted, and anointed young ladies. I pray GOD's best for their success!!!!!!"

  • Anita Bogart

    "L.T. Squared did my wedding invitations last year, and they were absolutely beautiful. They were very accommodating and professional."

  • Vicie Boyd

    "Their products are wonderful."

  • Ronanda Q. Palmer

    "Their customer service is great. I met them at a T.D. Jakes service. They were very friendly and informative. They were a great example of how a business should be run. Their display table was well done. The product was absolutely wonderful!!!!! I was more than happy to become a new customer!!!! Thank You!!!!"

  • Chelle

    "I love their products of variety of candles and fragrance. The owners have a winning and gracious personality that goes along with their product."

  • Mrs. Cansler

    "Their design and style is very visually appealing and their service is unbeatable. L. T. Squared’s services yields high quality, beautiful, and distinctively unique products. I am extremely satisfied with their service. Their efforts helped make my dear cousin’s college graduation
    day extra special."

  • Anonymous

    "They have great unique designs and they are very friendly and professional."

  • Ms. Staci Smith

    "LT Squared is an awesome company. They designed/created my baby shower invitations, and the people that received them haven't stopped talking about them. They are able to create the vision you picture. In addition, their customer service is excellent. I am pleased to work with them and that a company like theirs exists. GOOD LUCK in the future."

  • Mrs. Sonya Hill

    "Dear LT2,I would like to thank you for your help in all my family’s needs. The programs for my grandfather’s funeral were really made with excellence, which made things so much easier on my family and me. I also appreciate the beautiful Christmas cards you customized for me this year. It is truly a pleasure to have such a talented group at your fingertips. I will continue to recommend and use LT2 for all my business and social needs. P. S. It’s time to plan my dad’s retirement party!"

  • Sharri Thomas | Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Services

    "On behalf of Catholic Charities Emergency Assistance Services, we would like to thank you for being a part of our volunteer recognition ceremony. This very special event was made even more significant by your
    assistance. You can’t imagine how much we appreciated all that you did to ensure that this event was a success. Your beautiful decorations were created with excellence and added elegance to the room. Your sacrifice encouraged both the staff and volunteers to continue in their labor of love by feeding the poor, giving shelter to the homeless, providing assistance to the poor and support for the disenfranchised. Our staff honors the gift of God that you displayed and extend our appreciation to both of you. Thank you for your support, and most importantly, your example of Christian service."

  • Michelle Hairston

    "I just wanted to say thank you for doing an incredible job on my party invitations!! They were absolutely what I wanted and they looked gorgeous! They have been a big hit already with my friends who received invitations today. No one wants to untie the pretty white ribbon :-) I will definitely use your company again for my next event and I will refer everyone I know who's in need of your services. Thanks again for a wonderful product!! Again, I truly loved my Tiffany & Co. themed invites. I will be contacting your company again before the year is out."

  • Le Vert & Associates | Accounting & Management Firm

    "Our business cards, corporate brochures, postcards and fliers were outstanding! The staff at L.T. Squared demonstrate a unique blend of graphic layout, design, creativity, professionalism, and reasonable pricing."

  • Kim Bates | From the Office of Earle B. Turner, Clerk of Courts

    "Thanks for all your help, you ladies always do a great job!!!! Your work is always top of the line and your company provides excellent customer service."

  • Khadijah Chapman | CEO Millionaires In The Making 101 | Corporate Trainer N2K

    "I look forward to your new website and would like to express that you guys did a very awesome job with my business info cards, you are professional and will go out of your way to get the job done.... you helped me out in a time when I was in a serious time crunch, and your designs were crisp and refreshing...not to mention that you made the extra effort to even work over time and then deliver them right to my doorstep -in the wee hours of the morning- so that I could make my morning meeting. You went above and beyond for me and for that I appreciate you and look forward to working with you again real soon!"

  • Glenda Moss | Carats, Inc. - Cleveland Chapter

    I am so pleased with the professional and friendly service at L. T. Squared. They created beautiful invitations and programs for my clubs conference -- everyone was impressed by the look of our materials. Thank you Leah and Laeh!

  • Renay Fowler | Fowler Fashions

    "Leah & Laeh, Your patience and creativity made both my personal and business events so very unique. Your ideas and spur of the moment thoughts were so helpful while I was choosing my invitations and favors. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with your company, the both of you as young Christian entrepreneurs, and your work. What you both did made my preparations so much more easier by handling all the details. Thank you so much for all your help. May God bless you and your business."

  • Dianna Birdwell | Enchanting Moments

    "OH MY LORD!The cards and the brochure are absolutely beautiful…stunning. I am in love with them. My husband is jealous. The business card that I am favoring is the one with the watermark. It just has this air of elegance. Where would I be without you guys? Thank you."

  • Mrs. Adrienne Love

    "Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and offer your services…Thank you again for everything and I hope to use your services in the future.
    Stay Blessed"

  • Mrs. Yvette Hester

    "I received so many compliments on my invitations, favors, and place settings. Some people mentioned to me that my wedding invitations were the best they have ever seen. I like the work of L. T. Squared, planning my wedding with them was a good experience. Excellent work!!!"