The vision for LT2 is to provide quality, excellent, and affordable
resources for the public in a unique and incomparable style.

Our desire is to set a standard above our competitors and establish a precedent for those who follow.  We make the proclamation of being leaders in our industry as well as mentors for entrepreneurs in our like field.  Our products and expertise in this field shall reach and astonish millions.  The connections and networking strategies that are made, will be God sent and ordained.  As we seek the Lord in every business transaction, we will follow His path and practice sound business decisions.  Our hands are set to make great accomplishments through this business.  We shall not grow weary, get complacent, nor shall we have drought in any season.  We shall honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all of our endeavors, and give unto Him that which He has so richly bestowed upon us so that He alone can get all the glory.  We call forth abundant prosperity to finance our creative gifts and vision.  We recognize and acknowledge God who has created these gifts within us.

LT2 has the integrity of God and will not perish.