LT Squared

. . . Welcome to Our Sample Gallery

Our samples here are for you to preview. Because we are a custom company, none of our pieces are set in stone.
It is our pleasure to custom design each piece according to your theme and color scheme!

  • Davianna Leach Graduation Davianna Leach Graduation
  • Silindra McRay Graduation Silindra McRay Graduation
  • Donte Gibbs Graduation Donte Gibbs Graduation
  • Justin Etheridge Graduation Justin Etheridge Graduation
  • Kayla Hodge Graduation Kayla Hodge Graduation
  • Angelo Shaw Graduation Angelo Shaw Graduation
  • Arrielle Rose Graduation Arrielle Rose Graduation
  • Maribeth Teresczuk Graduation Maribeth Teresczuk Graduation
  • Ryan Dixon Graduation Ryan Dixon Graduation
  • Quentin Davis Graduation Quentin Davis Graduation
  • Morgan Anderson Graduation Morgan Anderson Graduation
  • Cordell Felder Graduation Cordell Felder Graduation
  • Synita Gates Graduation Synita Gates Graduation
  • Brandy Hammond Brandy Hammond
  • Richmond Heights High School Richmond Heights High School
  • Aja Hall Aja Hall
  • Bryce Bryce
  • Cleveland School of the Arts Cleveland School of the Arts
  • DaJon DaJon
  • Joshua Goode Joshua Goode
  • Kia Kia
  • Laurielle Rose Laurielle Rose
  • Laurielle Laurielle
  • Mareeona Mareeona
  • Monolitta Monolitta
  • Rhonald and Justin Rhonald and Justin