LT Squared

. . . Welcome to Our Sample Gallery

Our samples here are for you to preview. Because we are a custom company, none of our pieces are set in stone.
It is our pleasure to custom design each piece according to your theme and color scheme!

  • Lia Easler Lia Easler
  • Natalia 5th Natalia 5th
  • Vibha Patel Vibha Patel
  • Sharon Frazier Sharon Frazier
  • Walter Louis Hugley Walter Louis Hugley
  • Lula Mae Odoms Lula Mae Odoms
  • Nicole Hawthorne Nicole Hawthorne
  • LaNia LaNia
  • Robert Jones Robert Jones
  • Staci Freeman 40th Birthday Staci Freeman 40th Birthday
  • DaJuana Moore DaJuana Moore
  • Prince Antonio Prince Antonio
  • Carmen Evans Carmen Evans
  • Donita Donita
  • Richard and Donna Richard and Donna
  • Sydni Sydni
  • Dani K. Dani K.
  • Gabriel and Pilar Gabriel and Pilar
  • Chandler Chandler
  • Zion Zion
  • Ada Hill Ada Hill
  • Stella and Mary Stella and Mary
  • Ashley Hawthorne Ashley Hawthorne
  • Ezekiel Ezekiel
  • McKenzie McKenzie
  • Daysha Daysha
  • Caylie Caylie
  • Brooke Brooke
  • Carla Sledge Carla Sledge
  • Rosalyn Rosalyn