LT Squared

. . . Welcome to Our Sample Gallery

Our samples here are for you to preview. Because we are a custom company, none of our pieces are set in stone.
It is our pleasure to custom design each piece according to your theme and color scheme!

  • Kobi Nevaeh Rose Kobi Nevaeh Rose
  • Alyssa and Ted Alyssa and Ted
  • Anaija Anaija
  • Joi Tate and Juan Sanders Joi Tate and Juan Sanders
  • Stacey White Stacey White
  • Latoya Babb Latoya Babb
  • Londyn Navoj Londyn Navoj
  • Caylie Christian Caylie Christian
  • Alana Dillard Alana Dillard
  • Chanrika and Brandon Chanrika and Brandon
  • Rasheena and Jonathan Rasheena and Jonathan
  • Latifa and Lonnell Latifa and Lonnell
  • Qiana and Henry Qiana and Henry
  • Cancilliere Cancilliere
  • Teeya and Brandon Teeya and Brandon
  • Tylia and Bruce Tylia and Bruce
  • Duwhan and April Duwhan and April
  • Chae and Matthew Chae and Matthew
  • Lynnette Johnson Lynnette Johnson
  • Precious and Randy Precious and Randy
  • Ava Ava
  • Jasmine and Mikhail Jasmine and Mikhail
  • Sonya Mitchell Sonya Mitchell
  • Teaira and Rod Teaira and Rod
  • Cache and Hayleigh Cache and Hayleigh
  • Cory and Tamika Cory and Tamika
  • Gregory and Kenya Gregory and Kenya
  • Zara Zara
  • Websters Websters
  • Andreta and Clyde Andreta and Clyde